Here at Sarda we take our role as your wholesale provider of artisan designer jewelry very seriously. As such, to access our price data and to purchase from us you must be a registered retailer. We do this to protect your business and our distributor relationship.

Below you will find a registration form. Please fill this out in full, including your business license number. 

You will be granted provisional approval upon submission of your registration – we want you to join our family with no delays. However, if your account is not in order or your registration inaccurate you will be contacted to resolve the issue. If we are unable to do so, any order you place will be refunded and no products will be shipped.

We are so very glad you’re interested in Sarda and we’re excited to partner with you in bringing amazing designer jewelry to those who love it as we do.


Business Licenses are REQUIRED and subject to verification!

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.